How do I pay for my order?

We accept payment via ipay88 ( FPX & E-Wallet), PayPal (Credit/Debit Cards), Bank Transfers and Cash Deposits.

Please contact us at for other payment details. 


How do I make payment by using Debit / Credit Card?

Choose “PayPal” as your payment method upon check out. We would direct you to PayPal website to proceed with your payment. 



Do you accept Internet Bank transfer/ Cash Deposit?

Yes, we do accept internet bank transfer / Cash Deposit.  An order confirmation email will be sent to you once you place your order. Please make your payment according to the banking details stated in the email and notify us within 24 hours. 

*Orders with no payment notification within 24 hours will be cancelled automatically without notice. Cash refund is strictly not allowed even payment done within the time limit.



How long it takes to verify my payment?

Please kindly give us up to 24 hours to verify your payment, do take note that Sunday and public holiday is not our working day.



What if I cannot make payment within 24 hours but still interested to get the items?

Kindly email us at if you cannot make payment within 24 hours. We will assist you from there.



Where and how i will get paid?

Once your referrals have been received the goods they purchase, the referral bonus payment will be deposited to your bank/PayPal account by the end of the following month.


Why i haven't received my payment in my bank/Paypal account?

Payments are processed on a monthly basis. If you did not receive a payment,
you will likely receive it during next month’s payment cycle. Please contact us with your account details to verify.


Why is my bank charging me fees?

We have heard from some fellow referrers that they have had to pay some bank "fees" when receiving the payment through their bank. This will depend on your bank exclusively. Please also note that UVR does not cover these fees. You will have to contact your bank for more information.


Why is my bank converting the currency for my referrals commission to my local currency?

Your bank may have to convert the currency of your referral into your local currency. Depending on which country your referral is from UVR has no control over the exchange rate and fees associated with this.