UltraVRunner (UVR ®) Creating A New Era of Run, which can be completed in anytime, anywhere you want!

Ultra V Runner is an online events organisation founded by a group of people passionate about running. Driven by a love for competition and the simple enjoyment of the act of running, we came up with the idea of creating online running events that can competed in by anyone, at anytime and anywhere in the world.

  • Loves something different and cool. Award yourself a medal & more as a mark of achievement.
  • To make people run across the neighborhood & finding little pleasure from the ordinary living area.
  • Run with your own way and own path, be the one who rules yourself.
  • Explore the world, go to the wood, be part of the nature, makes life even more meaningful.
  • Earn extra income from UVR referral program


Every runner is determined to participate in a Marathon, as the same goes to every movie production strive their best to make it to Hollywood.

The greatest challenge to organize a Marathon are time consuming, location selection and route designation, geographical and weather condition. In 2017, UVR (Virtual Run) has achieved a breakthrough for Marathon event limitation and received overwhelming support and recognition from public.

Runners only need to participate and easily complete the Marathon via UVR platform (within a month), regardless of location, time, route, in order to win merchandises, trophies and prizes. This platform has provided all runners a greater satisfaction, fun and relax environment for running.

As of today, more than 200 million runners worldwide and it continue to growth exponentially due to high level of health awareness and interesting running events. UVR has connected all runners to come together who has great running interest via 1 platform. Everyone will be able to complete a Marathon without concerning age, race, country of origin, location etc.

UVR aims to continuously strive for the purpose to gather runners all over the world for 1 objective – fun and healthy lifestyle. Participants will be worry-free when considering to sign up for any Marathon event. All we need to do is prepare a pair of running shoes and we are ready to run. UVR will be a motivation for people of all walk to maintain good running habits and promote fun running activities at their own comfort zone.

With the technology of UVR and runners participation, each of us contribute to the data collection of running behavior resulted in relevant statistics analysis of our running habits and lifestyle.


The concept is simple. Just choose one of our races, pay a small amount of entry fee, then complete the race between the time given. This could be done during a training run, on a treadmill, as part of a running group or just as a personal challenge. Make sure you record your distance on a running app or watch, then return to the website and submit your evidence to us. Your medal and etc. will then be sent to you before 10th of month. Lastly, hope our races are able to motivate you encourage you to get active and have fun!