FREE a limited “Furkids Food Bowl” Charm to all the “I Care Run 2021” participants
Just 2 easy steps to get the extra charm for absolutely FREE!
*Meow Food Bowl only for Run For Meow Package
*Woof Food Bowl only for Run For Woof Package
*Meow & Woof Food Bowl for Run For Meow & Woof Package

1) Complete your “I Care Run 2021” registration & paid

2) Share the event post to your facebook tag at least 3 of friend/family
with registration link: www.ultravrunner.com, order ID
& hashtag #icarerun2021 #ultravrunner before 20/07/2021

And you get a Furkids Food Bowl Charm for FREE! (Will send with all your rewards together)
Spread the love to your friends and family, spread the warmth to all the stray furkids now!

*** remember to set the post to "public" if not we could not find you.
Caption Sample:
I’m participating in
#Order ID: 1288
Come and join us & run together for stray animals now!

Register at: www.ultravrunner.com
#icarerun2021 #ultravrunner

  • Q: Who can join the “Spread The Love” FREE Furkids Food Bowl Charm Campaign?
    A: Open to all the participants who’s completed the registration & paid of “I Care Run 2021” including early bird registration
  • Q: When is the campaign end date?
    A: Campaign end at: 20th July 2021, all post must be done before 20th July 2021

  • Q: How to prove my works on this campaign?
    A: Must show your registration order ID# in the post and hashtag #icarerun2021 & #ultravrunner, our record based on the order ID and hashtag.

  • Q: Where i can get my Order ID#?
    A: Please check your I Care Run 2021 order confirmation email

  • Q: When i can get the “Furkids Food Bowl” Charm?
    A: We will send out together with your rewards after the races end, will start to send out 25th August 2021